Invertebrates (spiders, insects and slugs).

Terrestrial Invertebrates
Ashley Asmus, Laura Gough, 2014 Weekly biomass and abundance of sweepnet-captured aboveground arthropods at four sites near Toolik Field Station, Alaska, summers 2010-2014. 10.6073/pasta/7aac60b678f218cfd8d7ac8c1f200eac
The abundance and dry biomass of canopy-dwelling arthropods (insects and small spiders) was tracked over five summers (2010-2014) at four sites near Toolik Field Station, Alaska. At each site, a shrub-dominant and tussock-tundra habitat was chosen for sampling, for a total of 8 sampling locations. At each sampling location, a 100-meter transect was established. Arthropods were sampled along the transect weekly by passing a sweepnet through and over the vegetation. After killing the arthropods with pest strips and freezing, they were sorted from the associated leaf litter and counted.
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