Weather Moist Non-Acidic Tussock (MNT)

Weather Moist Non-Acidic Tussock (MNT)
Sarah Hobbie, James A Laundre, 2021 Hourly temperature and humidity data from the LTER Moist Non-acidic Tussock Experimental plots (MNT).. 10.6073/pasta/a48892da5bc9eab27b18d2364dea6998
Hourly data from the Toolik Moist Non-acidic Tussock Experimental plots (MNT). In 1999 a Campbell CR10x data logger was installed in block 2 of the experimental plots. The plots are located on a hillside near Toolik Lake (68 38' N, 149 36'W). Sensors were placed in control and greenhouse sites. Soil temperature profiles are reported in another file (1999-present_MNTsoil).
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