Weather Wet Sedge

Weather Wet Sedge
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Hourly weather data from the Arctic LTER Wet Sedge Inlet Experimental plots from 1994 to present, Toolik Field Station, North Slope, Alaska.
Hourly weather data from the Arctic Tundra LTER wet sedge experimental site at Toolik Lake. The following parameters are measured every minute and averaged every hour: control and greenhouse plot air temperature and relative humidity at 3 meters.
Soil temperature data collected from the Arctic LTER wet sedge experimental site Toolik Field Station North Slope, Alaska from 1994 to present.
Soil temperature data collected every 4 hours from a wet sedge site at the Arctic Tundra LTER site at Toolik Lake. Temperatures are measured every 3 minutes and averaged every 4 hours in control, nitrogen alone, phosphorus alone, nitrogen and phosphorus, and greenhouse experimental plots soil temperatures.
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