6 to 7 migration notes from my email


Before migrate

php tidy needs to installed. Use:

    sudo apt-get install php5-tidy otherwise one gets an error about missing  ';'  which is because and '&' was passed and not a '&amp'

Need to give the drupal 6 user permission on the drupal 7 database. 

Need to increase file upload time: Was getting "Fatal error: "Maximum execution time of 240 seconds exceeded"

The time limit is hard-coded in the drupal core. You find it inside the file includes/locale.inc
In Drupal 7.16
Open the file:
for me line 635
function _locale_import_po($file, $langcode, $mode, $group = NULL) {
  // Try to allocate enough time to parse and import the data.

change 240 to 450.

Changes in the DEIMS custom module deims_d6_migration:


    Arctic data file dataset ref nid machine name is "field_datafile_dataset_ref_nid"  We use a datafile to (reference dataset). i.e.

   $this->addFieldMapping('field_data_sources', 'field_datafile_dataset_ref_nid')

    Change DeimsTaxonomyLTERControlled  source_vocabulary => 2
    Change DeimsTaxonomyCoreAreas  source_vocabulary => 9  (We have the core areas in LTER Controlled so use 9 which does not exist)

Added Arctic module to sites/default and enable it.

Change Dateset Content type and add the keyword references;

    create a "field" of type "Term Reference" with machine name "field_dataset_project_keywords"
    create a "field" of type "Term Reference" with machine name "field_dataset_taxa"
    create a "field" of type "Term Reference" with machine name "field_dataset_arctic_keywords"

Arctic install adds taxonomies to drupal 7 and are mapped the ids in arctic.migrate.inc

            Check that the vid are correct.

Copy the files directory from drupal 6 to drupal 7

Clear cache

Under content - Migrate- Configuration:  Register statically-defined classes

Under content - Migrate: make sure that all items are found for each Task

Then Import

From: "Inigo San Gil" <isangil@lternet.edu>
To: "James Laundre" <jlaundre@mbl.edu>
Sent: Tuesday, November 5, 2013 4:06:08 PM
Subject: data set migration


Three things:

1)  I added a small change in the 'default'
DeimsContentDataSetMigration.php file, you can see changes in here

this change allows the "data set" migration to proceed.

2) The "DeimsFile" migration is assuming your
deims-d6/sites/default/files/* have been copied to the
deims-d7/sites/default/files. Just in case -- this is obscurely noted

3) there is also the connection of vocabularies, i started connecting
the LTER keywords, but there is more work to do there...

cheers, inigo