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Adding SSL certificates for https

Follow this web page to get a key and csr file.

I did this for both and sites 

Note you need to put in the full site name when genrating the .csr file.

I then submitted the csr file (2048 bit long modulus) to mbl helpdesk to get a certificate.

Copied the certificates to /etc/ssl/certs and key file to /etc/ssl/private

Feeds import and php 7

I was getting and error using a feed import of a csv file.  In syslog there was :Fatal error: Redefinition of parameter $source in /Users/daniel/sites/myproject/wwwroot/sites/all/modules/contrib/feeds_tamper/plugins/

I was getting this error even though I was not using a tamper.

Did a search and found it was fixed in the latest dev file. 

6 to 7 migration notes from my email


Before migrate

php tidy needs to installed. Use:

    sudo apt-get install php5-tidy otherwise one gets an error about missing  ';'  which is because and '&' was passed and not a '&amp'

Need to give the drupal 6 user permission on the drupal 7 database. 

Need to increase file upload time: Was getting "Fatal error: "Maximum execution time of 240 seconds exceeded"

Updating Arcdeims to 7.50

I tested the update first on a dev site and all seems good.

First I updated any modules that needed security updates. Then cleared cache and did a updb. 

Ran drush up drupal

Then the patches - field_hook_presave_and_load_for_default_values_1.patch and formatter_weight-1982776-29.patch.  I didn't run the one for setting.php since that was already patched from when diems was installed.

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