Lakes Fish

Lakes Fish
Phaedra Budy, Christopher Luecke, Michael McDonald, 2022 Fish captures in lakes of the Arctic LTER region Toolik Field Station Alaska from 1986 to 2021.. 10.6073/pasta/7ab85b09ea31c4b8e0b805120f23405b
This file contains the fish number, recap number, species, lengths, weights, sex and a list of tissues sampled of fish captured in lakes near the Toolik Lake Arctic LTER site during summers from 1986 to 2021. The file also contains information from gill-netted fish (if any), sacrificed fish, and accidentally killed fish.  All dead fish are included, and if their stomachs and otoliths were taken, that is noted also.
Phaedra Budy, 2022 Habitat use, consumption, and growth by slimy sculpin (Cottus cognatus) held under different levels of temperature at Toolik Field Station 2019. 10.6073/pasta/50ba1650540a88fb06bbb4be5e8e286e
We tested effects of temperature (12 and 19.3 degrees C; 27 days) on habitat use, consumption, and growth of slimy sculpin (Cottus cognatus). To measure temperature selection by sculpin, we connected two 5.7 L tanks with a PVC pipe that was passable by sculpin (n = 12 tanks). We heated one side of the tank to 12 °C and the other to 19.3 °C using aquarium heaters.
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