Ecotypes Transplant Garden
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Temperature response of dark respiration from the 1980-82 Eriophorum vaginatum reciprocal transplant experiment along Dalton Highway, Alaska.
These data were collected in July 2011 for tussocks transplanted in 1980-82 in a reciprocal transplant experiment and harvested in 2011. Important variables are garden name, source population, and dark respiration.
Light-saturated photosynthetic rate, dark respiration, stomatal conductance and ratio of internal to external carbon dioxide concentration from the 1980-82 Eriophorum vaginatum reciprocal transplant plots from Eagle Creek to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, 2010
In 1980-1982, six transplant gardens were established along a latitudinal gradient in interior Alaska from Eagle Creek, AK, in the south to Prudhoe Bay, AK, in the north (Shaver et al. 1986) .Three sites, Toolik Lake (TL), Sagwon (SAG), and Prudhoe Bay (PB) are north of the continental divide and the remaining three, Eagle Creek (EC), No Name Creek (NN), and Coldfoot (CF), are south of the continental divide. Each garden consisted of 10 individual tussocks transplanted back to their home-... more
Carbon dioxide response curve, dark respiration, specific leaf area, and leaf nitrogen data for the 2014 Eriophorum vaginatum reciprocal transplant gardens at Toolik Lake and Sagwon, AK, collected in 2016.
Transplant gardens at Toolik Lake and Sagwon were established in 2014.  At each location, 60 tussocks each from ecotypes of Eriophorum vaginatum from Coldfoot (CF, 67°15′32″N, 150°10′12″W), Toolik Lake (TL, 68°37′44″N, 149°35′0″W), and Sagwon (SAG, 69°25′26″N, 148°42′49″W) were transplanted.  Half the transplanted tussocks were grown under ambient conditions, while the other half were exposed to passive warming supplied by open-top chambers (OTC). Data were collected in late June through... more
Terrestrial Biomass
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Ecosystem-level Carbon dioxide fluxes in two long-term experimental wet sedge tundra sites near Toolik Lake, AK, ARC LTER 1994.
Ecosystem-level Carbon dioxide fluxes were measured in two long-term experimental wet sedge tundra sites near Toolik Lake, AK. Experimental treatments at each site included factorial NxP, greenhouse and shade house and were begun in 1985 (Sag site) or in 1988 (Toolik sites). Fluxes were measured on quadrats that were later sampled for biomass and leaf area.
Streams Metabolism
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Chamber Metabolism 2011-2012 Kuparuk River near Toolik Field Station Alaska.
Dissolved oxygen was measured in sealed chambers on representative river rocks periodically throughout the 2011 and 2012 open water season in the Kuparuk River. These data provide information on gross primary production and respiration from representative river rocks taken from 3 experimental reaches in the Kuparuk.
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